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Temperature is one of the first observable parameters that can indicate the operating condition of electrical or mechanical equipment. Infrared Thermography is simple a picture of heat that allows us to assess the condition of these electrical and mechanical systems.

Thermography & Insurance

Infrared Thermal Imaging is a powerful risk management tool for insurance coverage purposes.  It is well established that regular thermal imaging allows for early detection and repair of electrical problems.  This greatly reduces the risk to equipment and property damage and more importantly lessens the risk of personal injury.  Insurance companies recognise that reduced risk combined with reduced losses result in fewer insurance claims, allowing them to offer more competitive insurance premiums, meanwhile increasing your profits.

Thermal Imaging Service

Our qualified technicians use the latest in infrared technology to scan live electrical equipment and mechanical systems without any interruption of service.  The infrared cameras show us a picture of heat which enables the technicians to immediately identify the location of loose or corroded electrical connections before they become serious enough to damage equipment.  Mechanical systems are scanned for any heat anomalies which may indicate abnormal wear, deterioration or potential failure.

Advantages of Infrared Inspections

There are many advantages to organisations that undertake regular infrared inspections.

  • Reduced downtime; reduce loss in production.

  • Reduced damage to plant and equipment.
  • Reduced damage to property and personnel.
  • Fewer insurance claims; better premiums.

Increase Profits

In each case, by reducing your risk and your actual exposure to damage and loss, you can increase your profits.  The costs associated with unplanned downtime, loss in production, damage to equipment, property and personnel can often amount to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Thermal Imaging Report

We provide comprehensive and detailed thermal analysis.  We can also customise the level of reporting and analysis based on the demands of your application.  The report includes a lost of the equipment scanned, infrared photos and reference images for any hot spots found, plus recommended actions prioritised in order of urgency.  Scans should be done at lease once a year (preferably twice) to reduce the risk of equipment damage.

  • High quality, full colour reports

  • Infrared and Visual Images

  • Recommended Actions
  • Bound hard copy and/or

  • Digital Electronic format

  • Analysis Software Provided for special applications


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